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Dr Chris Brown shocks followers with bizarre nipple warning: ‘The … – Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Dr Chris Brown left his social media followers baffled on Thursday when he shared an urgent message about nipples.The TV personality and veterinarian posted a video on Instagram explaining that clients at his Bondi vet surgery were repeatedly getting their pet’s nipples confused with ticks.Dr Chris Brown shared a video about how his clients are mistaking their pet’s nipples for ticks. Photos: Instagram/drchrisbrown“So after today I feel like I need to remind you that this is not a tick,” he said alongside a photo of a dog’s nipple.“The moment tick season begins, which is now, I see a dog a week in the vet hospital where their owner has tried to remove… their nipple.”RELATED:Chris, who looked perplexed as to how pet owners could keep making the same mistake, explained that both male and female pets have eight to ten nipples.“So this is what a tick looks like,” he said while showing a photo of the parasite. “You know, maybe free that, not the nipple.”The former I'm A Celebrity host added in the caption: “I guarantee this will happen again in the next week. Tick season really is the worst…”Chris urged his followers to free ticks, not the nipple. Photos: Instagram/drchrisbrownA number of Chris’ followers took to the comments to express their surprise that people get the two things mixed up, with one person writing: “I’m in shock that people actually do this!”“Oh it’s real,” Chris responded. “Almost weekly right now!”“What? How can folks confuse the two?!” someone else said, to which Chris replied, “It happens a lot. Especially on the bigger nipples!”.Pet owners share their mistakesMeanwhile, some people shared comments admitting that they have been guilty of making similar mistakes with their pets in the past.“I once paid $180 to be informed my dog had a mole,” one follower confessed, followed by another who said, “My partner asked in panic what the spots were on our male dog”.Story continuesSHOP:“I made an after hours vet call on a Sunday thinking it was a tick. Turned out to be a $400 skin tag,” someone else wrote.“When I was a kid, my sisters and I cried cos we thought our dog had tumours. Our dad had to tell us those were the dog’s testicles,” a different user remarked.Never miss a thing. Sign up to Yahoo Lifestyle’s daily newsletter.Or if you have a story idea, email us at

Shu Uemura x JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Makeup … – Siliconera

Shu Uemura will release a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean makeup collection starting on November 1, 2023. Because Shu Uemura is marketing these as Christmas makeup, they’re fairly bright and colorful. In total, there will be 15 items that you’ll be able to purchase. [Thanks, Fashion Press!] The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean makeup items from Shu Uemura all feature packaging that draws on motifs and symbols from the show and manga. For example, the limited eyeshadow palette comes in a heart-shaped case with the butterfly tattoo that Jolyne has. The list of items in the collection and their prices are listed below: Butterfly Dagger eyeshadow palette (6 colors): 7920 JPY Gold eyelash curler: 2820 JPY Heart-shaped eyeshadow palette (9 colors): 9900 JPY Makeup box: 35200 JPY Makeup brush set (4 brushes): 8800 JPY Petal 55 foundation brush: 6820 JPY Rouge Unlimited Bizarre Marble lipstick: 4950 JPY Rouge Unlimited Kinu Cream lipsticks: 5060 JPY Rouge Unlimited Kinu Matte lipsticks: 4950 JPY Ultime8 Sublime Tsubaki Cleansing Oil: 5720 JPY (150 mL), 14850 JPY (450 mL) The Rouge Unlimited Bizarre Marble lipstick fuses pink and lime green. This is supposed to remind you of all the ups and downs of Jolyne’s messy adventure. However, once you actually apply it, it has a light shade of pink that borders on nude. Swatches of all the lipstick and eyeshadow are available via the special Shu Uemura x JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean page. You can check out pictures of the products down here: Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura Image via Shu Uemura JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is the sixth installment of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series. It is the first one to follow a female JoJo (Jolyne), who is the blood daughter of Part 3 protagonist Jotaro. After her boyfriend pins a crime on her, the police put Jolyne in jail, where she awakens to her Stand power. Her adventure starts with an attempted jailbreak before she decides to stay in prison to find and defeat the user of the Stand, White Snake. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is readily available on streaming services such as Netflix. The Shu Uemura x JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean holiday collection will come out on November 1, 2023 in Asia.

20-Year-Old Woman Fatally Shot By Ex-Boyfriend At The Walmart Where He Worked

LOADINGERROR LOADINGA 20-year-old Georgia woman was fatally shot inside a Walmart on Wednesday by her ex-boyfriend, who then shot himself, police said. Zoey Nicole Messenger was taken to the hospital in critical condition along with James Wyatt Nicholas Norton, 26, after the shooting at the Walmart where he worked, the Hiram Police Department said in a statement. They both died of their gunshot wounds.Advertisement Zoey Nicole Messenger in a photo shared on Facebook.FacebookAccording to police, Norton approached Messenger for a brief conversation that “did not appear to be angry or animated” before pulling out a handgun to shoot her. It’s not clear if he was working at the time of the shooting. Police said that they responded to a report of shots being fired at the store at about 7:22 p.m. and that when officers arrived, people were running out of the building.Devani Lopez, who was inside the store at the time, told Atlanta station WAGA-TV that he ran to the exit as soon as he heard the second gunshot.Advertisement “I ran straight for the car,” Lopez said. “I could see everyone running for their lives. Everyone was just so panicked and scared.”According Messenger’s social media pages, she had been in a relationship with Norton since 2022. In a Facebook post last week, though, she announced she’d entered a new relationship.On Facebook, friends and family shared their shock over the shooting as they remembered Messenger as fun and loving.In a statement to HuffPost, a spokesperson for Walmart confirmed that Norton was an associate and added that the company is doing everything it can to support employees, including on-site counseling services.“We’re thankful for the local first responders and will continue to work with law enforcement during their investigation.”Advertisement

LA Dodgers game against Detroit Tigers delayed on live TV after bizarre object spotted in sky… – The US Sun

A GAME between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Detroit Tigers has been delayed after a bizarre object was spotted over the field.Wednesday night's game at Dodger Stadium made it to the third inning when a giant bubble floating in the air paused play. 4The LA Dodgers game against the Detroit Tigers was delayed after a bizarre object was spotted in the skyCredit: X/cjzero 4The game took place at Dodgers Stadium on Wednesday nightCredit: X/cjzero 4It turned out to be nothing more than a bubble halting playCredit: X/cjzero With the Tigers up 1-0 but play halted announcer Joe Davis explained: "We've got something hovering over the, a minor bubble delay." Fellow announcer Jessica Mendoza then admitted that she had "thought it was a drone." Davis had seemingly presumed the same, adding: "I was about to say we have our second drone delay in the last few years." The shot turned to Dodgers outfielder James Outman, who was captured staring up at the bubble before alerting right fielder Jason Heyward: "We're good, it's a bubble." But the bubble wasn't the only airborne distraction of the evening. A goose also made its way into the stadium during the seventh inning. After almost being hit by a line drive by Dodgers outfielder Steven Duggar, the goose did laps around the field. "That's a pterodactyl," joked Davis. Most read in Baseball While Mendoza suggested: "It's like trying to get everyone to do the wave." The strange evening in Los Angeles ultimately ended with Detroit taking the game 4-2. The Dodgers remain top of the NL West, twelve wins ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Detroit, meanwhile, occupies third place in the AL Central, just one win behind the Cleveland Guardians and ten behind the Minnesota Twins. 4A goose also made its way into Dodgers Stadium during the gameCredit: X/ JomboyMedia

Travis Scott slammed for bizarre reason he can’t hand over phone records in Astroworld case after rapper’s… – The US Sun

TRAVIS Scott has been called out for the strange reason his lawyers claim he the rapper can't provide phone records requested for an ongoing court case.The musician is being sued by a group of plaintiffs who claim they were negatively impacted by the Astroworld concert disaster. 2A lawyer representing rapper Travis Scott said he lost his phone in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after the Astroworld concert disaster in November 2021Credit: Amy Harris/Invision/AP 2Records from the phone were requested by attorneys representing a group of concert attendees suing the musicianCredit: Getty Ten people died and hundreds were injured during the November 2021 event in Houston, Texas. Attorneys representing the plaintiffs submitted an emergency request for Scott's phone records pertaining to the event last week. Although some records from the phone of Scott's manager David Stromberg will be handed over by next Wednesday, the rapper's defense team said relevant data from the rapper's phone can't be recovered in a court hearing on September 15. They claim the phone Scott was using at the time of the event was lost nearly two years ago. The device "fell off a boat in January of 2022 and landed somewhere at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and is not able to be retrieved," Scott's attorney Steve Brody, according to a transcript obtained by Rolling Stone. Judge Kristen Hawkins questioned the way the rapper's team handled the situation. "There does not seem to have been any action, from what I am hearing right now, taken on the part of Mr. Scott’s legal team to either, A, secure and download anything from his phone immediately following an event in which 10 people died, or, B, trying to recover text messages from alternate sources when Mr. Scott would have the ability to go and get that information, possibly from the carrier, or from other sources," she said, according to the transcript. Brody claimed it wouldn't be possible to get the relevant records from Apple or the cell phone carrier. Most read in The US Sun Scott didn't back up his phone via iCloud due to "significant hacking concerns," the attorney said. "Now, looking back, yeah, in an ideal world his phone would have been imaged on November 6the or November 7the or November 8th," the Brody said. "Or 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, any time until it fell into the ocean in January of 2022," Hawkins said. "Exactly, your Honor," Brody replied. "In an ideal situation that would have happened. It did not." He added that the information from Stromberg "show the vast majority, if not all, relevant texts with Mr. Scott related to this event." Many questioned this reasoning on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. "That’s not how phone records work," one user said. "It’s available via the network," said another "It takes two seconds for them to pull it up," a different user said of cell phone carriers like T-Mobile. The court hearing last week came after a grand jury declined to file criminal charges against the rapper in June. Representatives for Scott didn't immediately respond to The U.S. Sun's requests for comment.

Inquiry To Begin After Police Tell Father His Daughter, 11, Could Face ‘Child Porn’ Charge

LOADINGERROR LOADINGThe Columbus police department is looking into an incident after a viral video showed police officers in the Ohio city telling a father that his 11-year-old daughter could be charged with distributing child sexual abuse images.The father called police to report that his daughter was being targeted by an online predator. According to a Facebook post published by the father on Friday, officers showed up at his house hours later and told him that his daughter could face “child porn” charges. The father’s post included a video of his exchange with the police officers, apparently captured on a front door security camera. He later posted the video on TikTok, where it went viral. Advertisement The Columbus Division of Police “acknowledged” the video in a statement sent to HuffPost on Monday. The police said that the Columbus Department of the Inspector General is opening an inquiry into the incident with the officers. The statement also said that detectives in the department’s sexual assault unit are investigating the father’s claims about his daughter being preyed on by a predator online.“As soon as we learned of this incident, we immediately reached out to the father to apologize, and to assure him that this matter was being fully investigated ― both the actions of this officer, and more importantly, any crime committed against his child,” Police Chief Elaine R. Bryant said in a separate statement emailed to HuffPost.The police encounter began on the night of Sept. 14, with two unnamed Columbus police officers banging on the man’s door. As seen in the video, the father told the officers that his daughter was sleeping now and noted that he called them hoping they could talk to her about the severity of the situation.“I mean she can probably get charged with child porn,” the female officer said in the video.“Who? She can? She’s 11 years old,” the father responded.“She’s creating it, right?” the female officer is heard asking in the video. “It doesn’t matter. She’s still making porn.”Advertisement “No, she’s not. She’s being manipulated by a grown-ass adult on the internet,” the father said. The encounter was brief, with the father ending it by telling the officers to enjoy the rest of their night.The incident highlights how child sexual abuse laws were initially meant to hold adults accountable but that in many instances minors have faced charges as sexting has become more common. Advocates who work with sexual assault survivors told The Associated Press that the Columbus incident reflects a flaw in how police officers are trained to respond to exploitation reports.“It was a complete fail on a legal level and on a human level,” Scott Berkowitz, president of the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, told AP. “I don’t know who immediately goes to blaming a child in a situation like that. It’s inconceivable.”The father said the man online has continued to reach out to his daughter since the police encounter, reported CNN, which identified the parent by his artist name, Billy Blocka.In his Facebook post, the father explained that he asked his daughter for approval to share the video online. He then posted the video of the police encounter on TikTok on Monday, where it has logged more than 760,000 views and received more than 16,000 comments, with many people criticizing the officers’ response. Advertisement A TikToker with the username TizzyEnt, who regularly posts news to a following of nearly 6 million people, criticized the police in a stitch of the original video. “She is being manipulated. She is being groomed. She cannot consent. That’s the whole point of all of this. So Columbus police department, explain to me what is wrong with you that you have a father whose child has been victimized, who has been preyed upon, and your officer shows up at his home with the intention of blaming that child for what happened,” TizzyEnt said.Chief Bryant has since said that the officers would be held accountable if the investigation finds that there was wrongdoing.“My expectation is that our officers treat every victim of crime with compassion, decency, and dignity. What I saw in that video did not reflect that ― which is why we referred this case to the Inspector General,” Bryant said in a statement emailed to HuffPost on Tuesday.The father said Wednesday on Facebook that he doesn’t believe the police are being sincere about addressing the incident.Advertisement “They have been leaving victims to their abusers for a long time and it Has to stop,” the father wrote. “This is a problem that is everywhere. The insensitivity of the police department is ridiculous.” The father did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.David Moye contributed to this report.Relatedchild sexual abuseColumbus Ohiopolice officersonline predatorsAshton Kutcher Steps Down From Group He Co-Founded Against Child Sex AbuseDanny Masterson's Wife Files For Divorce After He's Convicted Of RapeMan Accused Of Targeting Single Mothers With Daughters In Series Of Sexual Assaults

A Tale Of 2 Parties: One Key Republican Wants To Give Ukraine All The Weapons, Another Declined To Be Pictured With Zelenskyy

LOADINGERROR LOADINGHouse Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), a gregarious type who stops to greet tourists making their way to the House side of the U.S. Capitol, studiously avoided being photographed in public Thursday with one visitor: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.Zelenskyy was visiting with lawmakers in an attempt to rustle up additional U.S. support for Ukraine in its war with Russia ― framing the smaller country’s struggle as an effort to defend democracy itself.Advertisement But at the same time, one key committee chairman within McCarthy’s own conference suggested that Congress pass a bill requiring the Biden administration to give Zelenskyy the weapons for which he’s been pleading for months, because the White House is moving too slowly.Welcome to House Republicans and Ukraine, 2023 edition.With some polls showing that Republicans now mostly oppose further aid to Ukraine, the split between the GOP’s traditional foreign policy internationalists and its ascendant Make America Great Again nationalist wing is most apparent in the House.After attending a small group meeting with Zelenskyy and a handful of fellow House members, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) told reporters that he worries the White House is sabotaging Ukraine’s chances by moving too slowly to give it weaponry it needs for its fight against Russia’s ongoing invasion.“We need to give them everything they need. If this administration won’t give it to them, then I submit we write it in our appropriations bill,” McCaul, who chairs the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, told reporters.Advertisement “We need to give them everything they need. If this administration won’t give it to them, then I submit we write it in our appropriations bill.”- Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Foreign AffairsSpecifically, McCaul suggested adding language to mandate that Ukraine get F-16 fighter jets and long-range rockets, known as ATACMs, into a supplemental spending bill the White House has proposed.McCarthy said Tuesday that he’d planned to ask Zelenskyy to account for the weaponry and aid the U.S. has already sent, and to ask how Ukraine would use the proposed $20 billion in new money on top of the $77 billion already committed to Ukraine.“Where’s the accountability and the money we’ve already spent? What is the plan for victory? I think that’s what the American public wants to know,” McCarthy told reporters.Unlike during visits from other foreign leaders, like U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, McCarthy avoided a public opportunity to be photographed with Zelenskyy, which some Ukraine supporters found disappointing.Advertisement Garry Kasparov, the former international chess champion and Soviet-era dissident, accused McCarthy online of placating “his MAGA leash-holders” and not wanting America to hear from Zelenskyy.To placate his MAGA leash-holders, McCarthy whines about aid to Ukraine that destroys the Russian military for a tiny fraction of the US defense budget & no American blood, but then doesn’t want anyone to hear from the man in charge of spending that money.— Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63) September 21, 2023McCaul defended McCarthy, saying: “The speaker, like me, has shown strong support, but we’re frustrated with the administration’s slowness in the weapons.”McCarthy told Punchbowl News there was no time for Zelenskyy on this visit to make another speech before members of Congress, as he did in December. (A CNN reporter posted a picture that McCarthy took with Zelenskyy and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., in the morning meeting.)Another member of the GOP conference, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), cited her fear of a supplemental spending bill including Ukraine aid as a reason to vote to stall a separate defense bill from coming to the House floor.Advertisement And Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said McCaul’s idea of attaching ATACM and F-16 authorizations to a spending bill would only result in sinking the entire legislation.Meanwhile, in the Senate ― where Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have presented a united front on supporting Ukraine ― the reception was much different.Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) posted that Zelenskyy received two standing ovations during his presentation as he met with senators in the Old Senate Chamber.Firefighters extinguish a blaze at an industrial area after a missile attack Thursday in Kyiv, Ukraine.Global Images Ukraine via Getty ImagesBut Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), a longtime critic of Ukraine aid, wasn’t offering any such goodwill. He posted a message saying “This is our flag,” followed by a U.S. flag emoji, and “This one isn’t,” followed by a Ukrainian flag emoji.Advertisement Zelenskyy himself remains politically popular, even if his reception at the Capitol this time was muted. An August poll commissioned by pro-Ukraine group Razom for Ukraine found Zelenskyy had a net favorability rating of 30% among Americans, though a negative 10% with Republicans. Russian President Vladimir Putin registered a negative 81% in the survey.McCaul remained optimistic that Ukraine will get what it needs, saying: “A majority of the majority want this.”But he worried that continued dithering will erode that support, even as the country shows courage in fighting Russian aggressors. Ukrainian troops are trying to advance without air cover and have resorted to taking out land mines by hand at night, McCaul said.“A stalemate and a war of attrition is exactly what Putin wants,” he added.RelatedUkraineKevin McCarthyVolodymyr ZelenskyyHouse Republicansmichael mccaulRussia Unleashes Missile Attack Across Ukraine After Zelenskyy Speaks At UNVolodymyr Zelenskyy Urges Trump To Reveal His Speedy Plan For Peace In UkraineBiden Renews Support for Ukraine At The UN, Drawing Contrast With Trump Wing of GOP

Nearly 500,000 People Were Wrongly Kicked Off Medicaid Due To Bizarre ‘Systems’ Issue—Many Being Children – Forbes

ToplineThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Thursday nearly 500,000 children and families were wrongly disenrolled from Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance coverage because of a “systems issue” and will have their coverage reinstated, though it is unclear how long the process will take. Key Facts The systems issue, which was reported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to all states on August 30, disenrolled children and other insurance holders from Medicaid even though the states had information confirming eligibility. Thirty states in total suffered from the issue and were required by CMS to pause procedural disenrollments for those impacted unless “they could ensure all eligible people are not improperly disenrolled due to this issue,” according to a CMS statement. The states were wrongly conducting Medicaid eligibility at the family level instead of on an individual basis, making thousands of people including children ineligible for Medicaid, according to Politico. The impact of the systems issue varies widely between states, according to a Medicaid report, with many continuing to sort out the problem. What We Don’t Know CMS did not make clear when reinstatement will be secured for all of the impacted people, which may be hard to predict given the differences of the issue’s impact in each of the 30 states. Big Number 93.8 million. That’s how many people were enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP in the 50 states and the District of Columbia as of May. Key Background All states are currently in a Medicaid eligibility review process following the March expiration of a pandemic-era rule that kept people enrolled in the low-income health insurance program even if they didn’t meet coverage requirements. States typically use computer programs to determine automatic re-enrollment into Medicaid. However, states will contact people via mail, email or phone if more information is needed to determine re-enrollment or eligibility. Last month, CMS warned of a “glitch” in the automated systems used in the eligibility review process, according to the Associated Press. The glitch dropped entire families from coverage when nobody responded instead of evaluating on an individual basis. Further Reading Medicaid coverage restored to about a half-million people after computer errors in many states (AP) Half a million people, including kids, mistakenly dropped from Medicaid (Politico)

Lehi woman recovering after bizarre boating accident – FOX 13 News Utah

LEHI, Utah — A day in the life of McKenzey Hunt looks a lot different now than it did before a bizarre boating accident. She has an ankle boot, uses a scooter to get around, and has only been able to sit on her... backside... as of this week."Not being able to sit or put any weight on my butt has been a new adjustment," Hunt said.Back in August, McKenzey was tubing with friends at Lake Murray in Columbia, South Carolina when she was hit by the boat that was pulling her."The guy turns around and makes a U-turn that was a little too sharp, and I'm left dragging behind and he hits me head on," she explained. "I go under the boat, get caught in the prop."McKenzey's sister, Sydney, watched from the boat in shock and terror."I jumped in the water to get her and put my hands underneath her body to get her out of the water and I felt it all — all of her wounds," Sydney said.After spending nine days in a South Carolina hospital, Hunt was flown to a hospital in Utah and is now recovering back home in Lehi."I have a broken ankle, two lacerations on my foot, I broke my pelvis, and then I have 5 or 6 deep lacerations all over the butt area," she shared. "It kind of got torn up, but luckily it's all put together, but I had some muscles that were completely cut off."Sydney says her biggest worry after the accident was that her sister would not be the same person she used to be, but that fear has subsided."So far she's still super funny," Sydney said.Instead of simply sending recovery updates to McKenzey's family and friends, Sydney has been updating millions of people from all over the world through TikTok videos. The sisters post story times, answer people's questions, and give updates after appointments."It's traumatic and people are interested in the story of it and what happened, but now that people know the story, they're just interested in her and how she's doing like random people all over the world," Sydney said. "We'll get DMs from like Germany."McKenzey says people have reached out to share similar stories and send encouraging gifts."My injuries are hard, and it sucks to go through this, but for what happened, getting hit head on caught in a prop, I could not be more grateful or lucky that I'm alive," McKenzey said.Hunt still has a long journey ahead, but she has a new puppy by her side to help make the positive recovery she's aimed for easier.

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